We call Pam Henderson our  “Church Secretary”, but she  goes WAY beyond answering phones.  If you’ve seen a church bulletin, pam-150x150event flier, words on the screen, or attended a church function that required organization…there’s a HIGH chance she and her volunteers were involved in making sure it existed well.  Moundford is blessed to have such caring and Jesus-centered administrative staff!!!

Larry Ditty is our official “Church Administrator”.  He keeps this boat afloat, in many ways…and doing a great job of it.  If you’ve got a building concern, or would like to use the facilities for your church or personal event, he’s the man to talk to.  One of our prayers at Moundford is that we would become a church of many “little Larry’s”, with everyone taking ownership and assisting in the upkeep and care of the facilities God has blessed us with!!