You know that scene in the movie where everyone stands in a circle, holding hands, and sings a song in beautiful harmony?  That’s basically what the interaction between our staff is like.  We’ve got administrative professionals with hearts made of sugar cubes and voices like honey drops.  We’ve got custodial staff that would laugh right into the face of the ring around your tub (if rings around tubs had faces).  We have a parish nurse who pretty much invented the concept of “health”.  manyhands

Oh…and our pastors are swell, too.

There are some people who think the pastors of a church are what steers the boat, flies the plane, pulls the trigger, and bangs the gong.  They would probably be wrong.  Sure, we have the best Pastors in the world (who are humble enough to realize this isn’t true), but it’s not like they’ve defeated Lex Luther, stopped Swiper the Fox, or saved a kitten stuck in a tree.


They’re just people who love Jesus, are being transformed by His Love, and desire to connect others with that same transforming Love.

All of that to say:  Here are our “Staff Members”, check ’em out and be wowed.  But remember, only YOU can prevent forest fires. (Which is a symbolic way of saying, “Sure, we pay great people to help lead the church…but they cannot ‘make’ the church awesome or filled with God’s presence.  We depend primarily on our attendees/members, their families, and the Spirit of God to help this church accomplish great things!“)

Lead Pastor – Paul Alf

Pastor of Family Life – Matt Schutter

Visitation Pastor – Ron Tucker

Parish Nurse – Mary Tribe

Administrative – Pam Henderson & Larry Ditty