Sunday Morning:  The “main dish” of each service is the Word of God, as we gather at Jesus’ table.  You may find yourself servicetimesdrawn to one of our worship opportunities in particular because of schedule or musical preference (Kids welcome at ALL worship services, and Kindergarten through 4th grade often leave for “Children’s Church” during the sermon portion of the gathering; but are welcome to stay with their parents as well!):

8:15am – Traditional Worship Service & Mandarin Translation.  Many of the classic hymns, usually with an organ/piano combo.  Often a mens’, womens’, or combined choir may perform and/or lead.  This service is also sometimes translated live into Mandarin, as many of our Chinese brothers and sisters join us!  Receive from the Word of God, and bring our praise offerings to Him.

9:30am – Sunday School. From actual “class” format groups, to more relaxed “Small Group” style communities, we invite you to connect in relationship beyond saying hello.  This is a great step toward actually sharing life in community!!  ALL AGES from NURSERY through ADULTS!

10:45am – Contemporary Worship Service.  Sometimes a couple guitars, occasionally drums, maybe even some other creative rythym.  Maybe  a hymn or two with updated music.  Some more from the recent decade.  Maybe even one you’ve never heard before!  Then again, perhaps it’ll just be A Capella…


Sunday Evening:  6pm – Worship, Prayer, Testimonies, and receiving teaching from the Word of God.  This is also a popular time for some small group gatherings, and we encourage our members to go out into their neighborhoods and community to “be the church” in relationship with others during this valuable weekend time where many people are available to connect.  Often we have gatherings and events here at the church as well, so watch for announcements!


Wednesdays During the School Year – 6:30pm – You’ll find a wide variety of things happening on Wednesday nights!  Adults can be found serving in both Children’s and Youth Activities, as well as our Wednesday Night prayer meeting, or Men’s/Women’s Bible Studies!  No matter what your background or age, we hope you’ll find a place on Wednesdays to encourage and resource all that God is doing in your life and home throughout the week.