Matthew 28:19-20 “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them inthe name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

Here are a few families our church family is involved in supporting, both financially and in prayer:

After serving as a pastor of Moundford from 2006 to 2019, Chadwick Anderson and his family were sent to Gyor, Hungary to serve as missionaries full-time.  Chadwick preaches regularly to a small English gathering, and works to discover & develop leaders/groups for Kingdom growth and worship throughout the community.  Sarah serves with a local state-run orphanage, as they both contribute efforts in the heart of “Set Free” toward combating human trafficking.  Together with their girls, they offer their home/life/work toward Christian hospitality and joining the Kingdom work God is stirring.


Clemente-Family.2015ChristmasThe Clementes’ vision is to provide missions training that empowers local Asian communities to participate in God’s harvest. David is an adjunct professor at Holy Light Theological Seminary (Taiwan) and Light and Life Bible College (Philippines) and teaches missions and theology courses. He serves as the Asia area assistant for ministry development and travels to other countries to lead weeklong seminars and short training modules. Sarah gives active support to David’s ministry and administrative assistance to our Taiwan FMWM personnel. _________________________________________________________________

The Reynens recently relocated from Kenya to Togo, West Africa. This move is to enable them to be involved with the start-up and operation of a missionary training institute for African Free Methodists. Mike and Vickie both continue with their Reynen.croppedsupervisory responsibilities. As Africa Area Director, Mike’s work is currently focusing on developing a stronger collaboration among the Africa missionary team, with renewed attention to disciple-making. He also continues to work with national leaders for vitality in their FM work. Vickie is now one of two Regional Coordinators for ICCM in Africa. She works with four Country Coordinators for effective ministry to children in each country. Their children reside in the states: daughters Kelly and Kenzie, and Kenzie’s husband, Jamie, live and work in Indiana; Kyle and his wife, Maddie, live in Michigan.


longsmissionariesMichael and Maria Long are heavily involved in refugee crisis ministry at the borders and also lead a thriving international congregation in Thessaloniki, with members from 14 nations: Greece, Bulgaria, Albania, Afghanistan, Estonia, Russia, Georgia, Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ghana, Sir Lanka, Philippines, U.K. and US. The Greek FM nongovernmental organization (NGO) Anagenesis Balkan helps meet the needs of those suffering from the ongoing economic crisis. Also, the Thessaloniki Prayer Room operates to raise up inter-church intercession. Hospitality services are provided by Jason’s Place Christian hostel.


Matt and Christine Sauder Matt and Christine Sauder serve in Quezon City, Manila, where they are both engaging in intense


language study. While studying they are also preparing for their new ministry, which will be a ministry of hospitality that will reach out to university students, both Filipino and international. Their goal is to reach a few so that they can, in turn, reach many.


spanglerEric & Virginia Spangler – As the Asia Area Director since June 2014, Eric oversees the missionary team in Asia; partners with Asian national leaders to build and support strategies that will grow the church; and works to more purposefully connect FMC-Asia with the FMC-USA, building partnerships and connections that will be mutually beneficial. Although they travel in Asia several months each year, home base for the Spanglers is in the Seattle area to better facilitate an alliance between the church in Asia and the U.S. Helping to manage the home office and traveling, Virginia offers support and care to Asia ministries and missionaries.