Parents of Teens

Thanks again for ALL you do for the Kingdom, and for your family. Thanks for allowing us to come along-side you as you raise and disciple your children to become followers of Jesus.

10 Ways to Pray for Your Teen

Your home is the #1 location for the spiritual development of your child. With that in mind, even though we believe important things happen in our youth ministry – we want to serve you and your family at home as well. To provide resources and prayer for what God is doing in and through your family. We encourage you to find regular times for conversation and prayer with your family. To open the Word of God together. To attend worship with each other. To ask questions of your young person that will help them grow in their faith and understanding.

This doesn’t mean you need to have all the answers. It simply involves you being willing to create a home that is an environment for discovering those answers as you seek Christ as a family.

Here’s a quick review of our basic monthly times together:
Wednesdays: 6:30-7:30pm
Sundays: 9:30am – Sunday Group      6-7:30pm – “Margin Time” to connect/serve/grow/rest, and occasional gatherings.

Gym Nights – Usually the first Wednesday each month. Divide into groups, begin with trivia, then head to the gym! A positive environment for teens to let go of their “to do” lists. To enjoy being young, act a bit silly, and laugh together. To be unburdened by whatever worries they usually have, and invite their friends to connect with their church. Come ready to play, and encourage others!

Large Group Nights – PARENTS INVITED!! Usually the second Wednesday each month.  Sometimes starting with worship, & often begun with a video, and followed up with teaching on a particular topic. Areas of emphasis vary, but generally try to hit every main area of growth/discipleship through a teens journey from 7th-12th grades. Come ready to offer responses
during discussion times, but try to give awkward time for teens to respond as well.

Small Group Nights – Usually the third Wednesday each month. We meet together briefly to recap last week, and then divide into our groups (Jr.High Guys/Jr.High Girls/Sr.High Guys/Sr.High Girls) to connect around the topic on a more intimate level of conversation and prayer. I try to send out discussion guides by Monday, please take a moment to check them out before Wednesday night!

Prayer Experiment/Etc. Night – Usually the 4th Wednesday each month. Experiments vary, including stations, extended guided prayers, creative expression, etc. We want our teens to be people who pray, and one of the ways to help that happen is to help guide them through various experiences of what prayer can be like. These can be awe-some nights, and often a favorite of our teens. 🙂

You are the best person to know what resources your teen/family need as they’re growing in Christ. But here are a few we’ve discovered connect very well in providing help to parents just like you who want to see their teens and family challenged and
developed in their faith:

1. Website: – Regular updates/articles on connectingideas-for-parents
your teen with an experience of God that will last after high school, and well into
their adult years.

2. Book: “Sticky Faith” by Kara Powell & Chap Clark – A great way to understand
why and how you can play a vital role in the current and future faith of your
children. Also includes practical ways to help you make their faith “Sticky”
starting now.

3. Website: – Regularly updated with cultural issues,
and articles from parents just like you dealing with issues of raising their young
adults toward Jesus.

4. Website: – Reviews of movies in theater, dvd’s, music,
television, and video/computer games. Often very conservative and detailed in
their reviews, which helps when you want to know what issues a teen should talk
through before/after experiencing something. Sidenote: Don’t always use this
resource to replace actually watching/attending/playing something with your teen.

5. Book: “Ideas for Parents” by Mark Matlock & Christopher Lyon – Collection of
tips, insights, & activities for nourishing the spiritual appetite of your family.

6. Website: – Not a “Christian” resource, but a great and
important resource for parents of teens who want to connect with their teenagers
by understanding the world they live in. Not always written on the Truth’s of Christ,
but a great source of conversation starters with your teen.

7. Website: – “Center for Parent/Youth Understanding” Helping parents, youth workers, educators, pastors, and others understand and reach today’s youth culture.

8. Website: – Specifically, the technology & smartphone questions.  How can we bring redemption and new creation to an area the world says is all about consuming (they even call them “feeds”!).

9. Book: “Right Click” – Parenting Your Teenager in a Digital Media World.   Great comprehensive guide & resources toward having important conversations with your student about the digital world.  A great book as a “Right of Passage” type study with your teen or pre-teen!!