Youth Bible Quizzing

If you’ve never heard of Bible Quizzing, today’s your lucky day.  Teens from all over the world participate in studying the Word of God through Bible Quizzing.  Don’t picture a group of teens sitting at a desk hunched over a sheet of paper.  Imagine a team of young people, sitting on the edge of their seats, waiting for the next question to be read aloud – so quiet you could hear a pin drop 602356_3884898653237_1412201925_n– each hoping they will be the first one to actually “jump” at a chance to answer.

The smiles on their faces in victory, and learning how to face a disappointing loss with pride, are great experiences for any young person.  But the really important fact – hiding the Word of God in their hearts – will be more beneficial than we can even know.

For the relationships they form, the ways they learn to connect with others over God’s Word…and the life-transforming power of that Word – we hope you’ll check out what’s happening in our Bible Quizzing program!!