Growing Places


“Roots”: Family/Home & 2 or 3 of Same Gender
Scripture reveals the most basic/foundational level of growth happens in families and in one-on-one relationships. We want to support and facilitate the homes/marriages/families of our church to disciple, and pass on multi-generational faithfulness. It is also necessary for adults to experience prayer, confession of sins, and reading scripture in the context of 2 or 3
people (same gender allows for greater openness). This provides relationship and accountability not possible at other levels.


“Trunk”: Sunday School & Community Groups
We offer a variety of ways for small groups of people to come together. Some may be based on a topic or area of Scripture, and others more
focused on relationships or prayer. This includes Sunday school classes that run throughout the year (including age/grade-level appropriate for children nursery thru 12th grade), & community groups that launch every Feb and Aug. Interested in joining a class or a community group? Contact Pastor Wick!!


“Our Branch”: Moundford Free Methodist Church.  We exist to serve the greater Decatur area in being called/freed to radical transformation by God’s Spirit that offers newness for our personal lives, families, and friendships. We hope to help meet the needs of our community and to reach out throughout the places we live and work. We offer our local church to God as a “family of families” united in Christ, and influenced by many of the “Holiness” traditions of leaders like Martin Luther, John Wesley, and B.T. Roberts. We seek to practice the sacrificial love we see in Jesus Christ.


“Leaves/Fruit”: The Global Body of Christ!
We are ultimately becoming citizens of the Kingdom of God, which we believe extends across denominational/cultural/economic/geographical boundaries. We want our lives to echo the words of the Lord’s Prayer, and join together with all who declare Jesus Christ as Lord!!