We're a Free Methodist Church in Decatur, IL. We gather regularly as broken people who are being made whole again...and for a purpose. We believe God is calling us to join His work in bringing healing to a world as broken as we are. Some great things have happened, and greater things are yet to come....& you're invited too!

Certainly we believe important things happen in the church building, and through ministries reaching out from the people who gather there. But one of the most important, and primary areas we believe growth occurs and the image of God is experienced/realized is - the home. We want to help serve the individuals, relationships, marriages, and families of our church.

God has not called us to simply attend worship services until Jesus returns. We are invited to join Christ today in transforming lives and making all things new, and things have already begun! Just as a tree needs certain conditions to grow and bear fruit, we believe every follower of God can benefit from connecting in these very important ways.

It’s true, we’re a Free Methodist (what’s that mean?) church in Decatur, Illinois.  A city with well over 200 churches to choose from.  Some are larger, some are smaller.  Ours is just big enough to play hide and seek in.  Some are much more exciting, some will rock you to sleep like a well-fed newborn baby.  Ours has great events, but continues to be centered on Jesus.  Some churches will keep you jumping up and down and invite you to bring your own guitar, others will give you dirty looks for clearing your throat too loudly.  As for us?  We’ve had services with loud guitars and drums, acoustic sets with djembe, classic Hymns to an organ, and A Capella times that enable the crying baby in the back to join in too.

subscribe_with_itunesWe’re hip enough to have a podcast you can subscribe to, but goofy enough to counteract the hipness.

You get the picture.

We believe God is doing crazy important things all around the world – and we want to connect with those things as a community.  The fruit we’ve seen in our ministries have definitely testified to the presence and activities of God in and through us.  Our pastors are pretty cool.  The families in our church are ridiculously awesome.  The individuals and their gifts here at Moundford will make you say – whoa.

If you haven’t said “whoa.” in a while…come.  And no matter what worshipping options you explore in the area, remember the most important thing for you and your family is to connect with Christ.  John 15:5 reminds us – “if a man remains in me, and I in him he will bear much fruit.”

We hope you will. 🙂



We also recognize many of our members/attenders may travel throughout the year.  We’d love to enable you to continue connecting and giving to the work Moundford is doing in our community, and so we’ve partnered with an online resource to make that possible.  Thank you for your continued investment in the Kingdom coming through all we offer to God!!

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